The most popular development

30 Jul

There are couple operating systems for mobiles, available on market. User is not able to choose specific one to his smart phone, because they are chosen by brands. And because of that, people are buying concrete labels to get their dreamed operating system. Most of companies is choosing Android development. It is fast, nice, cheap and easy to use. No wonder, that most of people in Europe owns it.

This operating system was creating specially for phones, it wasn’t available for personal computers before. It was respond of companies to lack of distribution for mobiles, not connected with other brands (which already create they own phones). Nowadays, Android development can be use not only on mobiles, but also on tablets. There are more and more devices with this operating system on the market. It have every functions, that any other distribution owns : you are able to sending emails with it, using graphic program, listening to music, watching movies, exploring the Internet, and even playing in games.

The reason why so many people has Android development on their phones is not just choose of brands. Very often, if someone is getting brand new phone, he pick one with this operating system, again. Users are getting use to it, even newest phones are as easy to exert as the oldest one. It is particularly important for older people, which are not so into technological novelties as younger ones. Layout is very simple and intuitive in use, so they haven’t any problems with it, even with much more complex tasks.

But even the best distribution has some flaws. More demanding users, are complaining, that Android development is not good in more advanced actions like creating movies and graphics, recording music, and so on. But there are couple percent people who are using smart phones for that, so it is not a big problem.

Android development is an answer for those people, who like to use their mobile in easy way, cheap, and fast. It is very common distribution, not only among older people, but also these younger ones.