Software development specialist wanted!

30 May

Do you ever wonder, what phrase “offshore software development” means? You know second part, but the first one? Lately this therm became very popular, it can find it everywhere in the Internet, mostly in job offers section. This is a big issue for developing countries, international companies are investing their money there, by creating brand new work places for qualified specialists.

Offshore software development is nothing more, then creating new IT technologies in agendas abroad, to reduct the costs. If there are big, international IT corporation with main branch in United Kingdom, they are locating new agencies in much more poorer places, like South Asia or South America. Thanks to that, the can save a lot of many, because they don’t have to pay Mexican people as much as English ones, cause the minimal wage is much more lower. Of course, employees in new branches have exact same responsibilities at work, they need to have the same qualifications, or even higher. But they are very glad to have an opportunity to work in international firm, cause if they will be the best, they can get a promotion and raise of salary.

Main task of employees of offshore software development companies, (and these local one too), are inventing new technologies, creating another applications and perfecting those old ones. To do job like that, you have to be highly professional and had a lot of experience. Not any random person from the street are able to do that. And for great expectations you need to give a big salary, cause you have to pay your employee enough, otherwise he will be working with your competitors. So, as you may see, it is better for financial reason, to open new branch with also highly professional experts, but in poorer country. No one is lost, everybody wins.

So now you know that offshore software development is creating by IT specialists, living in countries abroad, most of the time in developing ones. They have their skills and good knowledge of English language and this is enough for the employers.