Software development – is it really so difficult?

4 Dec
Smartphone users love the mobile applications. As proof can be given statistics downloads from app stores, but without that everyone knows it. Finally, more and more people intentionally with this equipment. The matter looks completely different when it comes to application development. Now, they associate it with something expensive and laborious.

Currently, the mobile application is like creating web pages. At first no one knew how to do it, then they began to appear tools to help with mobile software development and over time more and more people to the occupied. Now you know how to create the page is unnecessary, because you can use the generators. Designing mobile applications on various platforms already hard to call a trend – it is fully compulsory part of the work of any self-respecting designer. The statistics speak for themselves – now the world is more than 5x as many mobile devices as desktops and nearly 25% of users use only mobile devices to surf the Web. The mobile software development (article) requires a certain awareness of the same platform, which create applications. It is good to have the experience on iOS or Android, as this will easily figure out which components are popular for the platform and how to contain the most important schemes such as information flow and navigation.

The process itself from a clean sheet in the graphics application to the finished application is quite complex and you should be aware of the fact that the typical mobile applications are created separately for each platform and using different programming languages. You have to realize that the application deployment also requires having different environments – Mac OS and Windows, for different platforms.

In practice it this way, that generally varies developers will implement a variety of applications on the platform. However, from the design point of view, we obviously need to design screens for each platform separately, because each of them has its own characteristics.