.net development – what is it?

11 Jul
Probably couple times, during exploration of Internet, you find therm development, and you are wandering what it is all about? Is it some kind of company, or it is just type of application for computers working on line? In this article, we will give you a closer look to this program, created by Microsoft Corporation.

All of the users working on PC with this distribution, are using applications created by development (links). This is a software framework, used in Microsoft distribution only. It applications are concentrate around basic computer’s function. There are a lot of it: data access, interface, database connectivity, web apps, algorithms, cryptography, and many many more. This are couple of most popular applications, created by development:

Paint – who doesn’t know this program? It is the most popular graphic client, everyone at least once used in in the past. Maybe it is not as advanced as others available on market, but it is good enough for basic graphic processing. The biggest value of it is simplicity and intuitive layout – everyone is able to use it without special skills, even small children an older people.

Message box – it is much more simple way of using e-mail than regular client available on line. You can gather all of your domains in one profile, and gets messages from various addresses, not only from one web. It is another thing that may be build on development.

Word processing program – every users of PC, sometimes needs to write something down in a proper way. This application is checking correction of your grammar and spelling, provides you a synonyms if needed, format your work correctly, that it could became your academic piece, or school article. It is also able to create virtual presentations, and has a lot more options.

As you may see, if you are a Microsoft user, every single day you are exert the works of development team. Most of the programs and applications at your computer was created by them in the best possible way.