Main field of custom software

18 Jun

A lot of IT outsourcing companies, are specialized in developing brand new, custom software for special clients. It is safe, because no one know how to breakĀ  into it, and it is factor very important to some firms. Of course, it is much more expensive than using software that already exist, and just paying the license for it. But if company is enough big and powerful, security is much more important for in than money. There are couple sectors, that usually choosing custom software.

Construction industry – they are using it mostly to manage their projects, changing of tracks or to reporting progress. They have a lot of projects to all types of clients, and with dedicated software, they are able to modified it much more easier. Good IT specialist is able to create development that can be using not only on personal computer, but also on smart phones or tablet – in the same time. For example, if boss in the office are making some changes, the engineer in the field is able to see it right away.

Education sector – nowadays, there are no longer paper class registers in most of the schools, it was not save, a lot of times some fractious students were trying to change their notes, or avoid to show it to their parents. With virtual register, situations like that have not place to be. It is available on line, parents are able to check notes of their children whenever they want, they just need to know a password. It is another example of custom software. It is also available on University – students don’t need to looks for professor to get note inside paper index, he is doing it on line.

Hospitals – most of clinics are making virtual patients registration nowadays, thanks to custom software. If you are going to hospital to visit relative, you just ask lady in reception, knowing only surname of patient, and she will be able to give you any details necessary. In which room he is staying, how is his condition, and so on.

IT specialist are making a lot of great, custom software developments. It helps in public sector, in private businesses, even in government they need highly qualified IT experts. See more here.