Generation of smart phones

30 Jun

For sure, most of the people born in 80’s, use to own mobile phones with black&white tiny layout and very big and heavy dimensions. The only one function of it was phoning and (later) sending texts. It was really something back in early 2001, people were glad that they may communicated with themselves even outside the house. But these vintage times couldn’t last forever. Technology is growing, and new options for customers are available. First was phone with touchscreen, and then appeared first mobile app development.

If you take your smart phone, you may see have many function it has. Date, time, weather, bluetooth, LTE, Internet browser, and of course, phoning and short messages service. These are those basic ones. Cause nowadays, your phone is like a computer, sometimes even better. You are able to use GPS navigation on it, listening to music in good quality, play in multiples 3D games, record your calls. There are even applications, that help you to keep on track how many calories you ate this day, how many liquids you drank, and do you have enough proteins in your diet.

On a market, there are few companies provides mobile app development. But if you are buying current label of phone, you are not able to change it in your phone. But all of them are equipped with intuitive layout, so every single person, with basic technical skills, shouldn’t has problem with it. A lot of people does not care, which software they own, at least as long it is working properly. Because all of them are the same for easygoing users, only does more advanced are interesting in specific developers. There are also customers, who like to proof their high financial status, by buying more expensive phones, with better mobile app development, even if they don’t actually need it.

And what about you? How much advance you are in technical issues of your smart phone? Maybe you are just using it as portable computer? Are you an addict? Because some may say, that if you aren’t able to part with your phone for at least an hour, you may be an addict. Do you know, which particular phone brands are using specific mobile app development?