Does your firm need custom software?

18 May
If we are having a firm, and we want to get a new computer system for it, we have couple option. We can hire an IT specialist for full-time employment, who will create it for us, and take care for it in the future. We may cooperate with IT outsourcing company, who will send their team to our office, and help us with our problem. We can buy a license of their already existed product, or we may order custom software. But are we really need dedicated program? who are using it anyway? This are couple example of using it on market.


Autor: Gwydion M. Williams


IT specialists very often are creating custom software for big companies, which have departments all over the country. It is very helpful, especially if you have a lot of products whole around the area in dozens warehouses, and you want to localized one specified item. In clothing stores for example, lady want to buy a new pair of jeans, but her size in not available. Thanks to computer system, saleswoman can localized in which store this size is, and tell her customer that, so she will probably buy it there, not go to different company.

Health Service

A few years ago, if we want to go to a doctor to use our health insurance, we have to have a lot of documents with us. ID, insurance card, proof from employer, that we are still working. Nowadays, thanks to the custom software, this days are over. Today if we like to be cured for free, we only need our ID. Thanks to that, receptionist is checking if our PESEL number is in the system, and if it so, we can get our treatment with no extra costs. It is also great option, if we are trying to be cured outside our home town. If we get sick and be hospitalized somewhere else, they can check our data on line, and get our blood type and other informations needed.

Architect office

Team of architects are uploading their projects to special programs, created by IT specialists. Thanks to that, if someone at the office are making some changes at structure, his coworker at field is able to check it right away at his mobile, because everything is connected.

As you may notice, custom software is not only for big companies, but also for small one. Maybe you have to pay more for dedicated program, but it will be design in exact shape as it should be, to make your work much more easier!.