Software development in Egypt

6 Oct
I am sure that sometimes you are wondering, what are all those employees of corporation doing during their work schedules? Why foreign companies are located in Poland, Egypt, Malaysia, for example? Why there are producing their products in poorer countries to sell it in richer ones? For example, back offices are created in lower-price Poland, by banks that don’t provide their services in here. And what about offshore software development?

.net development – what is it?

11 Jul
Probably couple times, during exploration of Internet, you find therm .net development, and you are wandering what it is all about? Is it some kind of company, or it is just type of application for computers working on line? In this article, we will give you a closer look to this program, created by Microsoft Corporation.

Software development – is it really so difficult?

4 Dec
Smartphone users love the mobile applications. As proof can be given statistics downloads from app stores, but without that everyone knows it. Finally, more and more people intentionally with this equipment. The matter looks completely different when it comes to application development. Now, they associate it with something expensive and laborious.

ios development for everyone

4 Dec
If you are an advanced user of a smart phone, and you are not just interesting in random applications, you should get yourself a device with ios development. There are much more solid than others distributions, has far more functions, and are design for professional user, that looking for special options in their phones. It may be a bit more expensive, but it is really worth it. Here are couple thinks, that distinguished ios development.

How to create an application?

4 Dec
To create the application we need to focus on four key phases. They are: planning, analysis, design and implementation. The first is planning. This is a key phase in the project. At this stage you should have to answer for what we create software and how it materializes. At this stage, should be familiar with the results of business analysis and feasibility studies. In other words, it should be decided that the software is to be built.

The most popular development

30 Jul

There are couple operating systems for mobiles, available on market. User is not able to choose specific one to his smart phone, because they are chosen by brands. And because of that, people are buying concrete labels to get their … Read More »

Development for particular customers

18 Jul

Almost every single person in developed countries, own a smart phones. Children getting ones from their parents in age of eight or even less. Older peopleĀ  also like their mobiles, they feel much saver with it. When someone is getting … Read More »

Generation of smart phones

30 Jun

For sure, most of the people born in 80’s, use to own mobile phones with black&white tiny layout and very big and heavy dimensions. The only one function of it was phoning and (later) sending texts. It was really something … Read More »

Main field of custom software

18 Jun

A lot of IT outsourcing companies, are specialized in developing brand new, custom software for special clients. It is safe, because no one know how to breakĀ  into it, and it is factor very important to some firms. Of course, … Read More »

IT specialist wanted

19 May

If you are running big firm, you probably are hiring a lot of people, often specializes in different fields than your own. Accountant, secretary, financial analyst and so on. If you are thinking about development of your business, maybe you … Read More »

Does your firm need custom software?

18 May
If we are having a firm, and we want to get a new computer system for it, we have couple option. We can hire an IT specialist for full-time employment, who will create it for us, and take care for it in the future. We may cooperate with IT outsourcing company, who will send their team to our office, and help us with our problem. We can buy a license of their already existed product, or we may order custom software. But are we really need dedicated program? who are using it anyway? This are couple example of using it on market.

IT specialist wanted

18 May
If you are running big firm, you probably are hiring a lot of people, often specializes in different fields than your own. Accountant, secretary, financial analyst and so on. If you are thinking about development of your business, maybe you have to computerize it? There are plenty of IT outsourcing companies, maybe you should think about cooperation with one of it?

iOS development as a recipe for luxury

4 Dec
Although for a lot of people the daily routine of a software designer is often thought to be quite hard, as such person has to be in front of a computer for a really long period of time, we should here remember that in the reality there are some advantages of working in such sphere. First of all, as it is In case of iOS development, we can be certain that this job would never offer us the feeling of boredom. It is indicated by the fact that majority of programming languages are evolving and, therefore, becoming a specialist in this area is, in the reality, a one way ticket to constantly learning and acquiring new knowledge. Moreover, one of the most important advantages of this sphere is that it offers us with an opportunity to quickly see the results of our job.

Efficiency via managed services

4 Dec
Management is with no doubt one of those fields that are developing the quickest as well as become the most popular nowadays. It is indicated by the fact that, first of all, there is an increasing demand for people, who are able to organize the work of the team so that it would reach significantly better results. Another fact that might prove why the above mentioned area becomes so popular refers to the fact that as far as popularity of different faculties at universities is concerned, we can observe that more and more opportunities to study management are available nowadays. This also explains why software designers took advantage of the above mentioned trend and decided to offer different managed services.